Monday, November 25, 2019

Snowstorm Dorothy Final Forecast

Here is the final update for much of Minnesota’s first real snowstorm, Winter Storm Dorothy. Many people have been waiting and anticipating this snowstorm for a while now, so here it is in all its glory! Dorothy will make its way through Kansas and up to Wisconsin, bringing a large swath of snow to Nebraska, Northwest Iowa, Southern Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Areas in the center of the path should get around 10” of snow and some spots could even see above a foot of snow. The storm should start at 5pm at the MN border, an 8pm beginning as you get to North St.Paul. This was a tricky storm to track with all its sudden shifts but I think I have finally gotten it all narrowed down. So, expect 8”-12” in the hardest hit areas and 5”-8” as you get into areas like Minneapolis and Sioux Falls. On the southeast side there will be a sharp gradient of heavy snow transitioning into rain in the La Crosse area, totals will rapidly drop from double digits to zero. It seems like that is all for this storm; I will always inform you if there is a sudden, extreme change in the future but this one is pretty solid. Make sure you are safe during your holiday travel and Happy Thanksgiving! All remaining live/real time updates will be on my Twitter @weatherkannon with 24/7 coverage as the storm hits.
                                                  Below is our expected snow total map.

                           Here is a map of NWS current watches and warnings in darker blue colors

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