Thursday, October 10, 2019

Snowstorm Aubrey

The first snowstorm of the year is here, and is is packing a punch in the Dakota's. This is a strange system that will have two parts with it. the first part will hit Thursday morning into Friday morning and bring big time snow to the Dakota’s and bring a lot of rain on the eastern side in Minnesota. The second part is going to wrap around due to the insane tilt of this storm and bring a lot more snow to the Dakota’s then bring a couple inches of snow to much of Minnesota. Parts of North Dakota could see up to 2 feet of snow in some spots, then totals should rapidly drop to around 4” as you get into Minnesota. For South Dakota we should see widespread totals around 8” on the northeastern half of the state, in Minnesota the totals should be around 4” in the northwest then decrease to about a inch in the metro on grassy surfaces. Then after this is all done, all the snow should be gone and melted by Wednesday and way sooner for areas with less amounts. After this we should be snow free until late October/Early November.
Snow Forecast Thursday AM - Sunday PM

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Very Early Snowstorm....

I never thought I would need to post on here this early, but it seems that there’s a storm a comin. This year we will get a shot at a very early snowstorm for parts of Minnesota. There is a system with a massive cold front riding right behind it heading out way Thursday-Saturday, that will be half rain and half snow for many. The models currently have this storm starting off as rain and ending as snow right through Minnesota, totals will seem to split down the state. But we will have to see, since this is a early storm it is very easy for it to just end up being all rain for many in which I can see happening. Right now my confidence is at 60% for this storm dropping over 2” for much of MN, and possible 12”+ totals for north west Minnesota. So watch the forecast this week,  because it may get messy. My next update will be on Thursday at 11am. Here are some temperature anomaly’s for Friday, and what this storm might look like.