Saturday, April 6, 2019

Super April Snowstorn Possibilities

So I did not think I would need to post about winter on this for a while, but I was wrong... There is a Super Snowstorm heading towards the Midwest, but where it will hit it is a mystery. Models have been showing confidence in the storm being some part in Minnesota, ranging from the very north to the very south. The past 5 runs have been a good 20” for Minneapolis except for one, which has the storm diving to southern Minnesota and Minneapolis getting nothing. But we know the storm is coming, we just don’t know where as usual. So right now I have a 40% chance for the snow part of the storm hitting the Minneapolis area. I will post a more fine tuned update Monday night before 6pm, and the final update on Wednesday. Make sure you keep a eye on this storm and check my website on Monday. Here are the past 5 model runs below, in order left to right, newest to oldest.

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