Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Official Final Snowstorm Update!

The snowstorm has started, and I seem to be the only one who got it right. Every news channel toned down their forecast to rain, but I noticed there was too much of a tilt and high winds coming from the north, and I predicted colder temperatures giving us snow. As I thought, the storm has been snow and heavy snowfall rates. The National Weather Service a meer 3 hours ago upgraded us to a winter storm warning with a forecast of 8”-14”, much higher then their 3”-5” from this morning. I noticed a bulk of energy is going to explode over southern Minnesota and hit us from 1am-5am, which will be our heaviest snow. Then at about 10am the snow will be sleet and Ice, and turn back to snow around 3pm which will last until 5am Friday. There should be around 13” on the ground by 9am Thursday morning, and the roads were not treated. This will be a big and bad one, on Thursday we should see sleet at 9am turning back to snow around 1pm. With moderate and light snow to continue on Friday, giving us around 17” total (not counting snow melted during the storm). And remember to enjoy your day off tomorrow 😉. Snow from 3pm Wednesday- 3pm Friday below.

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