Monday, April 8, 2019

Giant April Snowstorm

Here is my second post on the Wednesday - Friday snowstorm post. This is not the final “most accurate” post, that one will come out Wednesday morning. So this is a massive Colorado low that is bringing a lot of moisture with it, and it is very slow so the duration is long with more totals. Much of the area will see 15+ totals as of right now. Many people wonder where the cold air is coming from because it is 70 degrees today. Well the same high pressure system that is giving us the warm air right now is that same one that will be swinging the cold air down as it leaves into Canada, thats what is feeding us the cold air for this storm to be possible. My guess is that tomorrow night the tracks will start to push the rain/snow line further north but not entering Minneapolis. Because these storms tend to do that on the charts right before they hit. The current models are saying around 40” for very western Minnesota and South Dakota, but I know that those will go down about 15 inches as they usually do which is why I have around 24” for that area. We can expect the snow to roll in around mid-day on Wednesday and start to leave Fridays around the morning rush hour. This is one giant storm that has 2 parts. The first part of the storm will reach out in a heavy band Wednesday night giving about +12” to southern Minnesota and South Dakota. Then it will be moderate to light snow for 12 hours, we see the final back part of heavy snow bring a final blow of about ~12” more. The areas where these two bands over lap is where I give the 18”-24” range, and the Occasional 24”+. The total duration of the storm should be about 36-48 hours, my chances for no school in Minneapolis is 40% Wednesday, 90% Thursday, and 70% Friday. That is all I have for now on this storm, and the final %100 accurate update will be Wednesday At Noon CT.

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