Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Possible Strong Alberta Clipper

A very rare storm system is coming our way, a Alberta clipper that has a lot of moisture will come out of Canada. To remind you, clippers usually drop only a couple inches of snow which is the reason this is so rare. Areas could see up to 20 inches of snow! But remember this may change due to the factors of moisture, dry air, instability, and air temperature. I won’t be surprised if this storm ends up dropping to only 5” snow totals or shifts. I wanted to post this because the tracks have been consistant and totals only keep going up. And we know that in the past, storms have suddenly shifted or died down so don’t expect these totals. The storm will hit Sunday night around 8pm and end Monday evening around 6pm, so if this stays true school will likely be canceled. This is my current estimate to let everyone know about the possible threats and to beware of them for traveling purposes. I will post on Saturday night or Sunday the Final revision of my forecast, I may post small updates here or there before the storm on my Twitter to the right. So the forecast you can 100% trust will be out later in the week, just remember to stay tuned and check my Twitter in the meantime.

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