Friday, January 25, 2019

Alberta Clipper Update

Here is a long update for the snowstorm on Sunday through Monday. Snow totals seem to be rising for the area as the storm is showing more strength and more quantitative precipitation in the forecast things are looking real. I have the totals around 18 inches in the heart of the storm due to the temperature and the amount that will fall. Now for the kinda complicated part. The snow totals would be around 7 inches if this were a normal storm. The temperatures in this storm will be very low (Image Below). which is favored for a 40:1 snow ratio (Image Below).

Here to the left I have the forecasted QPF. Which you can plug into the table and see we should get 28 inches, but I am not ready to put totals like that up because there are many factors like compression and  blowing snow. So the real question is if the snow ratio will be 1:40 or 1:20 but either way we will have at least 15 inches, I am expecting it to be around 1:40 but that will mean a lot of blowing snow and huge drifts up to 6 ft, but around 16 inches on the ground. So make sure you catch my final map and prediction which will be uploaded on Sunday.

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