Sunday, January 27, 2019

The First Big Storm

The big snowstorm is finally here, and the totals will be near what I though the whole time. the storm should start today around 5 pm for the metro and end around 12 pm Monday. totals should be around 12" for the metro and around 16" for the south metro and that band will continue east. Blowing snow will be big for this, drifts could be up to 5 ft in open areas and up to 10 ft against houses. driving will be bad with the blowing snow with very low visibility. so make sure you leave extra early for work, and schools will probably be canceled. so enjoy this first snow storm of the season, and there are chances for a storm next week so watch out.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Alberta Clipper Update

Here is a long update for the snowstorm on Sunday through Monday. Snow totals seem to be rising for the area as the storm is showing more strength and more quantitative precipitation in the forecast things are looking real. I have the totals around 18 inches in the heart of the storm due to the temperature and the amount that will fall. Now for the kinda complicated part. The snow totals would be around 7 inches if this were a normal storm. The temperatures in this storm will be very low (Image Below). which is favored for a 40:1 snow ratio (Image Below).

Here to the left I have the forecasted QPF. Which you can plug into the table and see we should get 28 inches, but I am not ready to put totals like that up because there are many factors like compression and  blowing snow. So the real question is if the snow ratio will be 1:40 or 1:20 but either way we will have at least 15 inches, I am expecting it to be around 1:40 but that will mean a lot of blowing snow and huge drifts up to 6 ft, but around 16 inches on the ground. So make sure you catch my final map and prediction which will be uploaded on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Possible Strong Alberta Clipper

A very rare storm system is coming our way, a Alberta clipper that has a lot of moisture will come out of Canada. To remind you, clippers usually drop only a couple inches of snow which is the reason this is so rare. Areas could see up to 20 inches of snow! But remember this may change due to the factors of moisture, dry air, instability, and air temperature. I won’t be surprised if this storm ends up dropping to only 5” snow totals or shifts. I wanted to post this because the tracks have been consistant and totals only keep going up. And we know that in the past, storms have suddenly shifted or died down so don’t expect these totals. The storm will hit Sunday night around 8pm and end Monday evening around 6pm, so if this stays true school will likely be canceled. This is my current estimate to let everyone know about the possible threats and to beware of them for traveling purposes. I will post on Saturday night or Sunday the Final revision of my forecast, I may post small updates here or there before the storm on my Twitter to the right. So the forecast you can 100% trust will be out later in the week, just remember to stay tuned and check my Twitter in the meantime.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The first snow chance of 2019 is here, it is a small storm but it is the most we have had all year. The main threat is blowing winds which will get the visiblillity down, the storm should be over by tommorrow morning. the metro can expect 3"-6" and south minnesota 6"-9". stay safe and use this snow wisely. Make sure to tune in monday for the possible snow storm.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Snow Drought

Its has been 15 days since the metro area has seen any snow, that is why the website has not been very active, the next possible "big" chance for snow is around January 31st which might not even happen, so no snow for the next 10 days. So lets hope it changes