Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Significant snowstorm

There is a large snowstorm hitting right now, with areas getting up to 20 inches. This was a very hard storm to predict with the rain and snow line. it will turn to rain most of the metro ans southern minnesota by morning. I did not have very long to type this so that is all. have a safe night!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Major snowstorm for midwest PT2.

The snowstorm in the midwest continues to plow through. mostly over for the western part of the country but its just beggining here in the midwest. Nebraska will continue to see 12+ more inches of snow through the next day. But there is a high chance a strong heavy band will set up in southern minnesota moving north, where we will see totals in the south range from 8"-12" and totals in the central state in the 3"-8" range. so this will be a big one. If you haven't read my first post to this storm, go do that! So dont take this snow for granted and go have fun!
Snow map of how much more will fall, below