Sunday, October 14, 2018

Small Dose Of Snow Possible

This sunday we will get a quick dose of snow, rangeing from a trace to 5 inches. but its that time of season so we can't garuntee that these are the exact amounts. the low pressure system effecting colorado and the areas around that has shifted north unexpectedly, causing the quick change in the forecast. It seems it will be a early start to winter this year, with this being the second snow so far, it will be the only snow for a while. remember drive safe and dress accoringly
Snow map Below

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

  A quick update for this showing how the models are continuing to trend towards snow possibilities tonight in the metro. as the rest of the storm continues to wind down don't expect much accumulation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

First Flakes and Accumulation!

Yes, you see it. I see it. We all see it. Its....SNOW! We are finally getting our first accumulation in much on Minnesota this week, and the metro getting the first flakes of the season! A low pressure system is coming up from the south, but at the same time a high pressure system to the north-east is pushing cold air down giving the temperatures we need for snow just as the system leaves. That is what will be giving us our chance for flakes! There will be a fifty-fifty chance of the metro getting flakes which will occur around 11pm-2am Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. So if you hate the snow, just go to sleep and you will be fine. But if you want to see it you definitely will want to stay up to catch a glimpse. Now talking snow totals for north-east Minnesota. We will see a band of about 3"- 6" and local areas of 6"+. Then a narrow cutoff area of 1-3" then going to large area with at most a trace of snow or just flakes. So get ready for the start of winter is here, and remember how to drive in the snow! I will be posting at least 2 times a week since the winter is here! Snow map below.