Thursday, September 20, 2018

Severe Weather September 20th

Devolopement in the tropics southwest of the U.S has shot a giant load of moisture our way, and with the low pressure system the shear and instability this is going to be a big outbreak
storms should fire up around 4pm in western minnesota and roll through the metro around 7pm. The main threat is 60-80 mph winds in the gust front ahead of the storms, there is also a chance for large hail in isolated cells and a 10% chance of tornados 25 miles from a point in the designated area (shown above). So that means we should see at least 5 tornado warnings with these storms. These storms will be formed as a front, and even thought you cant see it on a basic radar there will be cells within the line of storms bringing the most powerful impact, so plan your day accodingly. Be smart and stay Safe!

Here is the timing or the storms and what they will look like below.