Monday, November 25, 2019

Snowstorm Dorothy Final Forecast

Here is the final update for much of Minnesota’s first real snowstorm, Winter Storm Dorothy. Many people have been waiting and anticipating this snowstorm for a while now, so here it is in all its glory! Dorothy will make its way through Kansas and up to Wisconsin, bringing a large swath of snow to Nebraska, Northwest Iowa, Southern Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Areas in the center of the path should get around 10” of snow and some spots could even see above a foot of snow. The storm should start at 5pm at the MN border, an 8pm beginning as you get to North St.Paul. This was a tricky storm to track with all its sudden shifts but I think I have finally gotten it all narrowed down. So, expect 8”-12” in the hardest hit areas and 5”-8” as you get into areas like Minneapolis and Sioux Falls. On the southeast side there will be a sharp gradient of heavy snow transitioning into rain in the La Crosse area, totals will rapidly drop from double digits to zero. It seems like that is all for this storm; I will always inform you if there is a sudden, extreme change in the future but this one is pretty solid. Make sure you are safe during your holiday travel and Happy Thanksgiving! All remaining live/real time updates will be on my Twitter @weatherkannon with 24/7 coverage as the storm hits.
                                                  Below is our expected snow total map.

                           Here is a map of NWS current watches and warnings in darker blue colors

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Snowstorm Dorothy Update

A semi-large winter storm is going to occur the day before thanksgiving and impact a lot of holiday travel Wednesday morning. A low pressure system from Canada will dive down to Colorado strengthen, then makes its way through Iowa and Wisconsin which will give much of the upper midwest a good chunk of snow. The storm should hit Nebraska Tuesday AM then start reaching Minnesota and Iowa Tuesday PM and last till about noon Wednesday. The main areas that will receive the most snow is much of Nebraska, Northern half of Iowa, All of southern Minnesota, and much of Wisconsin. Totals should be greater than 12” in much of Nebraska, then the storm will weaken and drop up to 12” in the heaviest bands. I waited longer than usual to post about this storm due to the uncertainty of the track, but now that the storm is on land we get a better view of where it will go. Even though the NWS has issued watches for this storm already, there is still a chance that this storm can shift North East or South East. I am posting a probability map to show where the storm is looking like it will currently track. I will release my final forecast around 9pm tomorrow with my snow Total map included, expect changes to be made!

Below is the NWS current watches and warnings for this storm

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Snowstorm Aubrey

The first snowstorm of the year is here, and is is packing a punch in the Dakota's. This is a strange system that will have two parts with it. the first part will hit Thursday morning into Friday morning and bring big time snow to the Dakota’s and bring a lot of rain on the eastern side in Minnesota. The second part is going to wrap around due to the insane tilt of this storm and bring a lot more snow to the Dakota’s then bring a couple inches of snow to much of Minnesota. Parts of North Dakota could see up to 2 feet of snow in some spots, then totals should rapidly drop to around 4” as you get into Minnesota. For South Dakota we should see widespread totals around 8” on the northeastern half of the state, in Minnesota the totals should be around 4” in the northwest then decrease to about a inch in the metro on grassy surfaces. Then after this is all done, all the snow should be gone and melted by Wednesday and way sooner for areas with less amounts. After this we should be snow free until late October/Early November.
Snow Forecast Thursday AM - Sunday PM

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Very Early Snowstorm....

I never thought I would need to post on here this early, but it seems that there’s a storm a comin. This year we will get a shot at a very early snowstorm for parts of Minnesota. There is a system with a massive cold front riding right behind it heading out way Thursday-Saturday, that will be half rain and half snow for many. The models currently have this storm starting off as rain and ending as snow right through Minnesota, totals will seem to split down the state. But we will have to see, since this is a early storm it is very easy for it to just end up being all rain for many in which I can see happening. Right now my confidence is at 60% for this storm dropping over 2” for much of MN, and possible 12”+ totals for north west Minnesota. So watch the forecast this week,  because it may get messy. My next update will be on Thursday at 11am. Here are some temperature anomaly’s for Friday, and what this storm might look like.

Friday, April 26, 2019

A small spring snowstorm

A small spring snow event will hit on Saturday morning and go through the after noon to give us 1”-3”. It will be a fast one and all the snow will be melted by Sunday night. This is one of four chances we have left for snow. The next three are April 29th, May 2nd and May 7th. Then we hope winter will be over. Then on to thunderstorms and tornadoes!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Official Final Snowstorm Update!

The snowstorm has started, and I seem to be the only one who got it right. Every news channel toned down their forecast to rain, but I noticed there was too much of a tilt and high winds coming from the north, and I predicted colder temperatures giving us snow. As I thought, the storm has been snow and heavy snowfall rates. The National Weather Service a meer 3 hours ago upgraded us to a winter storm warning with a forecast of 8”-14”, much higher then their 3”-5” from this morning. I noticed a bulk of energy is going to explode over southern Minnesota and hit us from 1am-5am, which will be our heaviest snow. Then at about 10am the snow will be sleet and Ice, and turn back to snow around 3pm which will last until 5am Friday. There should be around 13” on the ground by 9am Thursday morning, and the roads were not treated. This will be a big and bad one, on Thursday we should see sleet at 9am turning back to snow around 1pm. With moderate and light snow to continue on Friday, giving us around 17” total (not counting snow melted during the storm). And remember to enjoy your day off tomorrow 😉. Snow from 3pm Wednesday- 3pm Friday below.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April Snowstorm Shift

Here is a very short informing post on what has changed in the storm. The rain/snow line shifted north like I expected, but a little more north than I thought. The rain/snow line is now around the metro, and is threatening our snow totals. Which is why I have us in the ~12” range. I beleive we won’t get as warm as they thinking we will so I have us in the upper range of the metro. On my snow map I made you can see I have put the warning of the possible shift in the rain/snow line, make sure you watch the radar to see if it will be rain or snow. Below I have the future radar for the storm, start time 7pm Wednesday.